Dec 10

How Your Teeth are Restored by the Dentist

We all have seen our fair share of comedy scenes that involve the elderly folk and their dentures; how the objects are forgotten and sometimes switched by mistake.  As funny as they might be, if you do have friends in the medical field, especially those who are or work for dentists, then you would know […]

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Dec 2

Why Root Canal Treatment is Necessary?

A root canal is a treatment used to repair the tooth that is decayed or becomes infected. This is a treatment of the pulp that is infected, inflamed, or dead. The pulp is soft substance in the tooth that consists of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve. Root canal treatment, also referred as endodontic treatment […]

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Nov 11

Oh My! Missing Teeth!

Unlike human hair, teeth cannot be replaced every time and at any moment you desire. Once your adult teeth replaces the deciduous teeth (baby teeth), it can no longer be replaced by another one.  The only way then to remedy tooth loss is if dental treatment is applied. Sometimes, missing teeth is unavoidable and not […]

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Nov 7

Teeth Root Canal: What is It?

What is our tooth made of and what is teeth root canal? A tooth consists of two parts – the first is the visible outer part known as the crown and the second is the root that anchors the crown that extends into the bone of the jaw. A tooth is composed of the enamel […]

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