Tour the Office

There are two things that make an office: physical layout and staff. Our dental office is located in a really cool brick building in the heart of Oakland. We have clouds on our ceiling and two televisions in each unit to ensure that our patients have a comfortable experience in the dental chair. What makes our dental office unique however, are the people who work here. We are a very eclectic group, with some of us coming as far as Stockton. More importantly, the 18 people who work here have one goal in mind: to help each of our patients achieve their dental treatment goals. Some of our patients only need to get their teeth cleaned twice a year, while others need major dental work to feel and chew better, but no matter the situation, our treatment plans give options that you can feel comfortable about. The dentists at our office have a lot of experience, having cumulatively worked for 85 years, resulting in lots of good results and happy patients.

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