Our Support Staff

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Lesley, Insurance Coordinator

Lesley has graced us with her presence and experience for almost forty years. She is an insurance expert and can get your insurance to cover things like no one else can! Her friendly demeanor will make account issues a nonfactor.

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Veronica Esparza, Scheduling Coordinator

Veronica has worked here for over three years, and schedules Dr. Gloria Fong, Dr. Amanda Lavorini, and Dr. Jimmy Choi’s appointments. Always with a smile on her face, Veronica is ready to help at any given time!

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Anna, Scheduling Coordinator

Anna is truly an administrative pillar holding up our practice! Aside from patient scheduling and billing, she really bridges the the communication between our dental and support staff.

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Deeana Franco, Administrator

Ever wonder how we check your dental benefits on your behalf? Thankfully we have superstars like Deeana on board to speak with dental insurance companies! You’ll most likely see her at the front next to…

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Ryan Andre Magsino, Administrator

Pursuing a career in dentistry himself, Ryan Andre is enthusiastic to be a part of the team. He provides a range of specialized services including upgrading/implementing the latest dental technologies, marketing our practice (including building this website), in addition to administrative support!

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Sarah Taylor, Administrator

Working up front, chairside, and after hours; Sara does it all! She has a cheerful smile and looks forward to making sure you have a positive experience here.

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Cynthia A., Administrator

Chances are you’ll be greeted by Cynthia as you walk into our practice! Her ecstatic demeanor will make you glad you decided to come into Lavorini Dental Care.

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