Our Dental Team

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Lynn Xu, Hygienist

Lynn was a dentist in Beijing, and she has been our head hygienist for the last seven years. She is incredibly skilled and really cleans your teeth well.

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Teresa Ortega, Hygienist

Teresa has worked here for about a year, replacing Betty Newland who had worked for this office for over thirty years. She has had big shoes to fill and is doing a remarkable job. She is a wonderful hygienist and loves our office so much that she commutes from Tracy.

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Sam R. Sheppard, Hygienist

Also known as “Mr. Xylitol,” Sam is one of our unique hygienists. Clients love him for his thorough work, and he is a big advocate of xylitol. Graduate of Forsyth Dental Center Boston, he was the first male dental hygienist to be licensed in the state of Maine before joining us!

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Karen Clore, Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions

Karen has worked in this office for over thirty years and is hands down the best dental assistant in the world! There are 150,000 dental assistants in California. Only 900 of them have the Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions (RDAEF) degree that Karen has and we are lucky to have her. She makes all of the temporaries in our office and is truly an artist.

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Ashley Rincon, Dental Assistant

Also known as our office’s “Wonder Woman” (Halloween 2014), Ashley is truly a helping hand for our presiding doctors.

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Mylene Yonzon, Dental Assistant

In addition to assisting our general dentists, Mylene is often seen helping out our office’s Endodontist if you ever come in for root therapy.

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Clara Martinez, Dental Assistant

Clara is quite versatile working both in the front office at times as well as assisting the clinical staff!

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