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How to Have Good Oral Health

The health of your teeth is just as important as the rest of your health and you need to look after your teeth.  As Dr. Lavorini explains, teeth root canals “may lead to a spreading of infections and complications”.  There are several things you can do to improve your overall oral health at home to avoid serious teeth problems from occurring.

Brush Twice Per Day

It’s a good idea to brush your teeth twice per day. If you eat a lot of sweet foods you can also brush after eating these foods or use a mouthwash to remove the bacteria from the mouth. When you brush you should spend a couple of minutes brushing the entire mouth to get all the teeth clean. Many people simple don’t brush enough to clean all their teeth in the right way. After a couple of months make sure you replace your toothbrush and get a new one. You can also buy battery operated toothbrushes which can help you if you have difficulty with regular brushing due to issues such as arthritis in your hands.


Another critical part of oral care is to ensure you’re using floss as a part of your oral health routine. Floss removes debris from between your teeth that the toothbrush can’t get too. You need to floss once per day to build up your gums. If you don’t floss often the gums will bleed but this will stop if you floss all the time because you’ll toughen up your gums. If your gums bleed just rinse your mouth with water and keep flossing. You may also feel a bit of mild pain if you’re not used to flossing. If you have trouble flossing make sure you discuss this with your dentist for tips.

Dental Cleaning

At least once per year you need to schedule a dental cleaning to clean your teeth professionally. A dental cleaning is the best way to remove built-up plaque off of your teeth. The dentist will also check for other mouth issues such as cavities or other teeth problems that have developed over the year. If you don’t go for a cleaning often the plaque just builds up and it’s even harder to get off with the next cleaning you get. You should ensure that you get a good cleaning at least once per year for the best results.


If you get food stuck in your teeth you can use what is called an irrigator to remove this debris. These devices shoot a jet of water at your teeth to remove the debris. This is better than using a toothpick which can poke and damage the gums. The irrigator just removes debris it’s not a substitute for good brushing or flossing.


Using mouthwash often is a good idea because the mouthwash removes the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities and other mouth issues. If you can’t brush a good rinse with some mouthwash can help to keep your mouth clean until you can brush again. Another way to keep bacteria away from your mouth is to drink a lot of water which helps to clean your mouth and prevent bad breath issues.

These are some of the common things you can do to look after your teeth. Be sure to visit Lavorini Dental Care in Oakland at least once per year for proper oral health.

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