General Dental Services

Diagnostic Services

Clinical Oral Evaluations (Exams): Our Dentists thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth for any abnormalities or for means enhance your smile!

Radiographs and Diagnostic Imaging: We use state of the art technology to take photos of your oral structures including bitewings and full mouth x-rays with 75% less exposure.

Preventive Services

Dental Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning): We have three hygienists that remove the plague and hard calculus (tartar) that harbor the bacteria. Some people only need their teeth cleaned twice a year because they do not have much plague, whereas others are recommended to have up to four cleanings annually. As with all dental care, it is dependent on a patient’s specific mouth and dental hygiene. Our hygienists take time to not only remove as much buildup as possible, but also teach our patients proper home-care so that they can practice to remove and prevent plague, with the aim of not having to see the dentist for more complicated issues.

Pediatric Care

Taking care of your child’s teeth is an important part of their overall health. Cavities and gum infections can lead to serious health problems if not properly handled. Experts recommend that your child’s dental care start at the age of 12 months, or when their first teeth appear. He or she should have an exam annually with the dentist and two cleanings per year with the dental hygienist. Our Dentists have worked extensively with children throughout the years – especially Dr. Gloria Fong!

Pediatric Services: Fluoride Treatment and Sealants

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Restorative Services

Tooth restorations are performed when teeth have cavities or parts of the tooth are missing as a result of breakage or decay invading too much of the tooth. Primarily, two filling materials can be used: silver amalgam (lasts longer) or composite resin (looks more natural).

If a substantial amount of the tooth is missing, a crown would need to be put on to save the integrity of the tooth. Initially, a patient would be given a temporary crown while the permanent one is made at our associated dental laboratory. The different types of crown materials include: porcelain, ceramic, resin, and various metals (silver, gold, steel).  For a comparison of crown material, check out our blog post on the matter!

Check out our Before and After tooth restorations:

Prosthodontic and Implant Services (Dealing with Missing Teeth)

When people start to lose teeth, it puts a lot of stress on the remaining teeth causing them to wear out much sooner than usual. It is important to replace most teeth so that the demise of the other teeth does not happen. Replacing missing teeth can be done inexpensively by plastic removable teeth that look pretty good, and function okay. Other alternatives include fixed bridge work or implants that do not come out and are more like your original teeth. Fixed bridge work are teeth that glued in, whereas implants are secured into the bone, but both are modeled after the tooth that they are to replace. Partial dentures are often a good way to replace multiple teeth that are missing, and they fit well, function well, and look good. If the patient has no teeth, full dentures can be made. Implants can be put in to help hold partial or full dentures.

Prosthodontic (Removable) Services: Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Denture Adjustments/Repairs
Prothodontic (Fixed) Services: Bridge, Crowns, Retainers
Implant Services: Abutment/Implant Supported Crowns and Dentures,

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