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Having a dental emergency (tooth pain)? In need of major dental work (root canals, implants, etc.)? Simply looking to get your teeth cleaned regularly? Our affordable treatment plans provide options that you can feel comfortable about. Furthermore, our dentists and dental team have plenty of experience under our belt, having accumulated over 85 years in dental expertise, resulting in numerous happy patients and phenomenal results!

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Meet the Owner: Ernie Lavorini, DDS

Meet the Owner: Ernie Lavorini, DDS

Ernie graduated from the University of California San Francisco in 1973, Cum Laude. After working for a dentist in Berkeley, he opened his own practice in Oakland. For 30 years he was one of the few providers that accepted denti-cal patients…(read more)

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I had Dr. Fong, and she’s great, easy to talk to and she explained enamel care to me, along with how to fix my chipped tooth if I so desire it–none of which was ever mentioned by my previous dentist.

The office is nice and clean, and they have CABLE TV! Watching Millionaire Matchmaker helps me get through any discomfort–thinking about how my nice teeth will help me meet Mr. Millionaire! ;)
Joanne “Eats Other People’s Leftovers” Y.’s Profile

Joanne, patient

Dr. Gloria Fong has been my dentist for over 20 years (since I was like 4 years old) and she’s amazing. She has such a great attitude and warm personality that it’s easy to forget that you’re at a dentist’s office. She’s always really gentle during actual procedures too which is a big plus for me since I’m a huge wuss.

Dr. Fong takes a personal interest in her patients. She always asks me what I’ve been up to and is genuinely excited when my life takes a turn for the better. I can’t recommend her enough.
Aaron “Sweet River” V.’s Profile

Aaron, patient

Dr. Lavorini is great! … and I have never liked a dentist in my life.

They make me feel totally comfortable (no lectures or embarassment) and I like that I always know what the bill is going to be up front.

Elizabeth S, patient

I highly recommend Lavorini Dental. I’m new to the area and needed a new dentist – something that seemed very scary at first. But I found Dr. Lavorini and he is excellent. He’s very friendly, gentle and so prompt! I’m always seen on time and am out of the office quickly. The entire staff is very welcoming and helpful. I was told upfront about all of the money involved with a root canal before the work was done, so there were no surprises.

I’m so relieved to have found a great dentist in Oakland.

Julia C, patient

As the years go by and those of us reaching the age of looking back, I’ve come to realize the kindness that our current and future generation will miss becomes they are looking down (at their cell phones). Not seeing the kindness that looks you in the face, or just a smile to let you know its going to be okay, just a simple little pat on the arm that tells you, we care.

I stopped coming into your office because an ignorant Receptionist pissed me off to no end. Didn’t he look at my file and know that I had been a patient for over 20 +years? Didn’t he know, I knew Ernie when he had a piano in his Reception’s area on 17th Street and hung out at Eli’s Mile High? Didn’t he know Ernie put in my beautiful dentures because he told me he wanted to me to always look beautiful? Didn’t he know who I was and didn’t require the need to be reminded of his formal education? Ignorance equates to “no common sense ” in my book.

Interesting enough, I was on a trip last year and I heard someone mention (to someone who was in much need of dental treatment) you need a Dentist, see Ernie Lavorini. After searching for the right dentist that meets my needs as a person (not Delta Dental’s) and I had an emergency; I returned to where I belonged, Dr. Lavorini. Miss Lesley got me in with a phone call, Miss Karen soothed me through my ordeal and the incredible Dr. Lavorini smiled at me and worked his magic.

I called (not texted) all my friends and told them what I had gone through and who I sought out; I know one of them will be calling immediately. Shame on me for allowing someone, who was of no importance to have an impact on my leaving from the care of Dr. Ernie Lavorini.

Don’t misunderstand, I have a cell phone (that’s the only way I can communicate with my grandchildren, Lord help us). But, you can’t download an application called kindness. Thank you, Dr. Lavorini, Miss Karen and the incredible Miss Lesley. I’m smiling again.


Norma S., Patient

Yolanda W., Patient

Then, everyone in the office was very pleasant and helpful. The front-desk guys were cheerful and funny (and told me dental jokes), the dental hygentist was nice (and politely reminded me to floss more often) and Dr. Ernie was great, nice, and straightforward.
Monica G.’s Profile

Monica, patient

Dr. Lavorini is personable and professional, and everyone I’ve encountered in the office is the same – just extraordinarily helpful and pleasant. The office has a nice ambiance to it as well (and tv’s/headphones so you can watch something in the chair / wifi in the waiting room). The staff has been extremely helpful fitting me in for appointments during a busy time of year and on fairly short notice.

The office is also really convenient to get to by bart and public transit.

Lastly, the other day my wife told me how good my teeth looked, and that i was smiling a lot bigger than before. It’s nice to have that self-confidence back.

Excerpt from William M.’s Yelp Review

William M., patient


I was seriously dreading going to the dentist this morning. I HATE going to the dentist… or should I say, I USED to hate going to the dentist. After seeing Dr. Fong this morning, I have completely changed my view of the dentist!
Sara B.’s Profile

Sara B, patient

If you can believe it, I have been seeing Gloria for…gasp….22 years! Gee that’s about 44 check-ups and cleanings, maybe 20 more visits for extra work, a couple more for that nasty root canal during the early Clinton years. Jobs, friends and significant others may come and go, but a good dentist is a keeper. She’s terrific and has been working with Ernie all that time.
Ed “SF Travel Examiner” U.’s Profile

Ed “SF Travel Examiner”

This is for Ernie, Karen, Lesley and Tom.. ( Tom, you’re still at the front desk right? Dr. Lavorini has been my tooth man since he was known as the Rock n Roll Doc in the early 80’s. My own fault for missing some years of regular appts which led to a really complex front tooth problem. Dr. Lavorini orchestrated two specialists to work with me, and when a graft didn’t take, he made me a gorgeous bridge. I have always been complimented on my great smile, and no one would ever guess that some of my front teeth are .. not original. That reminds me, I have to make an appointment soon, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else

Audie, patient

everyone on staff — receptionists, business folks, hygienists, dentists, endodontist, oral surgeon, are KIND, knowledgeable and forthcoming with their knowledge, efficient, and skilled. I’ve been going to this office for about 35 years. Have had lots of routine care, an emergency root canal, and recently an extraction. These guys are the best. Reassuring while being real. They answered my questions before I asked them (and after), and were as helpful as possible. and they’ve always been highly skilled in all the work they’ve done on me.

I also want to say that, during the recent tooth saga, I appreciate that you and Amanda and Cassidy were as conservative as possible, hoping that I’d need minimal interventions. At every stage, I felt that you helped me make decisions that were realistic and the least invasive possible. Then the treatment that was decided on (then reassessed a couple of times) was carried out in a skillful, sympathetic , and cost-effective manner. I felt that cost was taken into account, but the bottom line was my health. This appreciation extends to your front office staff and finical staff, too. Kind and efficient and looking out for me while doing a great job technically. Love you guys.

Norma S., patient

Norma S., patient

Dental emergencies are the worst
My sons front tooth needed bonding
And they got him right in
Fixed it very fast
And his tooth looks perfect
Now he can smile:)

Highly highly recommend Dr Lavorini

He does the best work
The whole staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable
And they are extremely efficient
Which I appreciate

Kathleen B.’s review on Yelp

Kathleen B., mother of patient

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